Procrastination the Creature of Behavior

Procrastination Procrastination occurs when you put off undertaking something, for unknown reasons. It’s simply the emotive justification in order to avoid carrying out something which doesn’t feel great or enjoyable. It is identified as putting issues off that you ought to do now. It’s the act of putting off duties that don’t appear to be…

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Core Desires = Your Law of Success

Core Desires  Living a life full of abundance is available to everyone — but only if they follow the laws that govern success. Far too often people simply do not have a clue about those laws so success forever eludes them. Many people set goals and that feels good…but they find that the goals don’t happen! If…

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Procrastination – Five Behaviors to Control and Vanquish This Devil

  Shelve Procrastination Once and for All – Five Behaviors to Control and Vanquish This Devil Procrastination Quotes The truth is that we live out our lives putting off all that can be put off; perhaps we all know deep down that we are immortal and that sooner or later all men will do and…

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bipolar disorder

5 Minute Bipolar Disorder Tutorial

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, is a mental illness that brings severe high & low moods & changes in sleep, energy, thinking, and behaviour.

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