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    If you have you ever tried to build your own website and just walked away, throwing your hands up in frustration?

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    If you are you tired of being told that you need technical experience to build your own website?

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    If you are you tired of paying high fees to web masters who only go and outsource your job?

Stuart Bazga

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 75% of all Small Business still don’t have a Website! 

 “If you don’t have an Internet presence, how are people going to find your business and buy from you instead of your competitors? “

 The Internet is growing at an exceedingly rapid rate and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon because by the year 2015, it’s been projected that global Internet traffic will quadruple. (source:


  • Now… Just imagine for a moment that you can design and set up your very own website?
  • You had ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­the ability to reach a worldwide audience for your merchandise or services.

 Now ask yourself this SIMPLE question.  

  • Would you class yourself as being all thumbs when it comes to things technical? 
  • Have you ever tried to set up your own website and threw up your hands in frustration? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions… I will be the first to tell you that…  


Well… It’s not your fault that no one has taken the time to show you how simple a website can be to set up. 

It’s not your fault that you are always being told websites need technical know how to build.

If you are interested in the ability to reach a worldwide audience for your merchandise or services.

What if there is a way that will show you how you can get your own website up and running all in 7 easy steps. Not as hard as you think…  This fr.e.e live training will show you:

How to Get Your Website Up and Running All in 7 Easy Steps !!!

In this training, you will discover a simple way to build your own business or personal website all in 7 was steps.

You Can Take This FR.E.E Training and Start Building Your Very Own Website in Just 90 Minutes (No Joke!)

You will be shown 7 simple steps to building your website that these so call web masters don’t want you to know about.

After taking action & watching this – you will have an immediate unfair competitive advantage! In fact, you will discover how simple it is to build your very own website.

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Step 1: Buying a Domain name/Hosting Account & Installing WordPress

Step 2: How to Install Themes

Step 3: How to Change Permalinks Structure

Step 4:  Installing Plugins

Step 5: How to Upload and Format Images Using the Media Manager

Step 6: How to Create New Posts and Pages

Step 7: How to Launch Your Site to Search Engines and Ping Settings

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